DSEI is nearly here! Get prepared…

September 6, 2013

The UK government is condemning violence in Syria, just days before inviting other dictatorships to shop for weapons at the London arms fair. Despite having threatened military action against Assad, it will still host his weapons suppliers at the arms fair. The arms fair fuels death, conflict, fear and repression the world over.

The arms fair is pivotal to the world’s arms industry – this means we have an opportunity to make a real impact on the fear, death and repression that it causes.

The arms fair is also our chance to intervene with alternative visions, and stand in solidarity with people across the world who face its weapons. That’s why we’re really excited to see so many people are planning to take action against the arms fair.

Letters spelling Resisit held up with St Paul's in the background

Mass action on Sunday

This looks like it’s going to be huge! The nearest DLR stations are closed, so remember to catch a rail replacement bus for the short journey from Canning Town. There’ll be workshops, music and an open mic – more info (including travel) on the Occupy vs the Arms Fair page. For final details of the meeting point, check this site or call the infoline (07766 323978) from noon tomorrow.

Loads more actions have been announced in the last few days. Find one that appeals to you on the full events list. There’s a drones protest, a wreath laying, arms dealer speed dating, a media stunt at Parliament, an info point running Monday-Friday near the fair…

Pile of letters

Spreading the word

We have a template letter about DSEI you can send to your local paper, or you could get creative and write your own?

There’s also loads of info to share on social media:

occupy assembly

Can’t make it to London?

Look forward to taking action with you in the next week!

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