Round up: an amazing week of action to challenge the arms fair!

September 17, 2015

A crowd of protesters block vehicle from entering DSEI

This September saw daily blockades and creative protest by a wide range of groups to try and stop one of the world’s biggest arms fairs from taking place in East London.

Read reports on actions taken so far below:

Although DSEI is over for this year, the campaign against the arms fair continues. Check the events page for upcoming actions and events.


  • Renate Chaudry says:

    I support the cause, but unfortunately can’t be there to join in.

  • Bilkis Satar says:

    I am very much ashamed of the UK and specially Mr David Cameron for selling arms to the Saudis.

    We should aim to stop Wars and not encourage it.

    What a bunch of hypocrites we have in the UK.

    Shame on these politicians who encourage this.

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