Taking action against DSEI 2013

September 25, 2013

Well done to everyone text on die-in background

A massive arms fair with 30,000 ‘trade visitors’ took place in London on 9-13 September. It welcomed:

The deals that begin here fuel the arms trade the world over. Death, injury, fear and repression are exported from the arms companies on our doorstep.

But they didn’t have it all on their own terms.

The arms fair was met with daily direct action, as people found creative ways to undermine and intervene with its business. Watch this video, read about the amazing week of action and check out the fantastic photos and media coverage.

We’re not going to stop until they do.

Grassroots action succeeded in shutting Australia’s arms fair down. We want to do the same here. So keep an eye out for ways to help step up the pressure before the arms fair is due to return in two years’ time.

Picture of sign saying DSEI's coming back - but not if we stop it!

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