Stay up to date with the latest on 13th Sept

September 8, 2011

Stay up to date with Twitter

The best way to find out what others are up to and share what you are doing to protest the arms fair is on Twitter. Don’t worry if you’ve never used Twitter before – it’s just a website where people can post short messages. There’s some simple instructions here about how to get set up.

Don’t have Twitter?

Receive updates:

  • You can still get updates from Twitter sent to your phone by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.
  • Text 07510 163 374 and ask to receive occasional updates by text message about what is happening on the day (unfortunately we can’t promise as full a picture as Twitter).
  • Call our Stop the Arms Fair number 07510 163 374 to listen to a voicemail message (updated roughly every hour) with the latest news.

Send updates:

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still keep everyone else up to date by texting our Stop the Arms Fair number: 07510 163 374. Our friendly phone-person will then post your message on Twitter for you (providing it’s not offensive or misinformation)!

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