Solidarity without borders

The arms and security industry profits from a cycle of repression and violence which marks all our lives, from fuelling conflicts and state oppression with weapons to policing national borders and criminalising migrants and other vulnerable communities. But our resistance is powerful.

Join us as we make links between the issues to build solidarity without their borders. Find out more about Solidarity Without Borders and join the Facebook event.

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Day 4: ‘Conference at the gates’ …and more great action to challenge the setup of the arms fair!

11 September 2015
Thursday’s day of action focused on the theme of “welfare not warfare” with some excellent speakers and some pretty unique creative action! At the centre of the day, ‘Conference at the gates’ brought together a range of academics, students and activists to present their research in the shadow of the world’s largest arms fair. Blurring the lines...
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Open letter from Palestinian groups

2 December 2013
Hundreds of people have come out in support of the people on trial for taking action at the DSEI arms fair. Below is an open letter from groups in Palestine in solidarity with the actions taken.
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How London Gezi linked to Stop the Arms Fair

3 September 2013
Article written by Ozlem Atik, London Gezi A group of people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds and political views came together during the Gezi -Taksim resistance. They did not and do not represent a political party or any other organization. In support of the Gezi movement they organised flashmobs, protests, workshops, and started to interact...
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The UK’s dirty secrets: Palestine and the arms trade

23 April 2013
“Israel’s largest comparative advantage is in military products, because these demand advanced technology on one hand and military experience on the other…no country in the world is as dependent on arms sales as Israel. The Jaffa orange is fast being edged out of the public consciousness by the Uzi submachine gun as Israel’s major export....
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Free Movement for People, not Weapons!

7 September 2017
All day
ExCeL Centre, Eastern Entrance, Royal Albert Way London