Putting the arms fair on trial

November 11, 2013

The 2013 DSEI arms fair was challenged and impeded with daily direct action. Hundreds of people took part, and thirty faced arrest when they placed their bodies in the way of the arms fair’s deadly business. Some have already been cautioned, or issued with fines. Others have pleaded not guilty – and plan to put the arms fair on trial!

Watch a video interview with a protester; read the defendants’ statement and read the open letter from groups in Palestine in solidarity with the activists. See the public letter in their support signed by individuals including Caroline Lucas MP, Michael Mansfield QC and Mark Thomas, and over 30 civil society organisations, published in the Guardian on 1 November 2013.

One protester has pleaded guilty – “Guilty of acting in solidarity with those struggling against oppression and facing brutal repression for doing so in Bahrain, Turkey and other countries.” The magistrate said she spoke “with dignity and passion” and gave her a a conditional discharge and order to pay total costs of £100.

Messages of support for the protesters on trial

Check out the photos and videos of the activists’ impressive actions too!

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