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September 16, 2011

11 Sep

Campaigners have condemned plans by BAE Systems to showcase a new “autonomous” unmanned drone at this week’s London arms fair, citing evidence that the existing Reaper models have killed civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. [Link]

One of the Royal Navy’s new Type 45 destroyers was met with protests as she docked in London today. [Link]

12 Sep

A host of authoritarian regimes will be entertained in London today at one of the world’s largest arms fairs, despite concerns over how readily unpopular dictatorships turned to live ammunition to suppress popular revolutions during this year’s Arab Spring. [Link]

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have both been invited to the UK’s largest arms fair this week, in spite of the two countries’ roles in suppressing pro-democracy movements earlier this year. [Link]

Opponents of the weapons trade are to protest on Tuesday as one of the world’s biggest arms fairs opens in London’s Docklands. [Link]

13 Sep: day of action

Peace activists hung a 12 metre ‘Destroy DSEI’ banner close to the ExCeL Centre at dawn this morning just hours before it opened its doors to the controversial Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair. [Link]

The London arms fair has opened to a storm of controversy, with protests outside Parliament, the offices of arms companies and at the gates to the event itself. The National Gallery also faced protests after it hosted an evening reception for visitors to the arms fair. [Link]

Forty-six countries arrive to show off latest weapons as Bahrain attends ExCeL despite protesters’ deaths [Link]

Defence Secretary Liam Fox gives strong support to the defence
industry at the opening of the UK’s DSEI arms fair, which includes
delegates from Bahrain. [Link]

Defence Secretary Liam Fox is expected to give strong backing to the country’s arms manufacturers in a speech later. [Link]

Activists angry about the presence of delegates from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia — both accused of using U.K.-exported arms to suppress demonstrations — protested outside Parliament in central London and plan to march on the conference center Wednesday. [Link]

Concerns from arms trade protestors about invitations to controversial delegations from countries including Bahrain at this week’s DSEI arms fair in London have been met with a government response that strict export rules will be followed. [Link]

14 Sep

Amnesty International has obtained brochures from the Defense and Security International fair (DSEI) currently taking place in London’s Docklands, which appear to clearly show illegal torture equipment advertised. [Link]

15 Sep

The London’s arms fair has the ultimate boys’ toys: some gold-plated, some lethal and all of them unsavoury [Link]

24 hours in pictures: London, UK, A large crowd of anti-arms trade activists

There was a moment on Tuesday during the series of actions against the UK’s biennial Defence and Security Systems International (DSEI) exhibition, taking place from 13-16 September, that was so absurd it could have come straight out of a Monty Python sketch. [Link]

16 Sep

Violation of Oslo accord discovered by MP who calls for action to investigate ‘what other breaches are occurring’ at the fair [Link]

18 Sep

Organisers of Defence and Security International fair shut down stall after action from Amnesty International [Link]


Hostile article in the Telegraph:


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