There are clear links between the arms trade and gender, whether we are looking at those affected by war and gun violence, or those resisting the arms trade and militarisation. Often they are the same people, and often they are women and girls.

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Joint statement from DSEI 2015 defendants

11 November 2015
Please support the DSEI defendants solidarity fund to help cover costs of the campaign such as childcare and travel. In mid September 2015 we were arrested for seeking to prevent the setting up of the DSEI arms fair. DSEI (“Defence Security Equipment International”) is one of the world’s largest arms fairs. Operating every two years...
Three children sit in front of rubble.

DSEI: Continuing a tradition of militarism and war in the East End

6 September 2015
David Rosenberg is a writer, educator and tour guide.He runs the East End Walks which explore London radical social history.  He is the author of ‘Battle for the East End‘ (Five Leaves Publications, 2011) and ‘Rebel Footprints: a guide to uncovering London’s radical history’ (Pluto, 2015). The start of the week of action against the...
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Open letter from Palestinian groups

2 December 2013
Hundreds of people have come out in support of the people on trial for taking action at the DSEI arms fair. Below is an open letter from groups in Palestine in solidarity with the actions taken.
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On Trial: Defendants group statement

11 November 2013
We will defend our right to challenge the arms trade! A group of activists (mainly women) were charged after taking part in the ‘Occupy v the Arms Fair’ day of action on 8 September, which was part of the week of action against the DSEI Arms Fair at the Excel Centre, London. Our intention was...
Women in Black anti-DSEi protest

Gender and the arms trade: what’s the link?

5 September 2013
Cynthia Cockburn is an ardent feminist and peace campaigner, involved in international feminist antimilitarist networks such as “Women in Black against War” and the “Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom”. She very kindly wrote a piece just for us! What does gender have to do with the arms trade?  The best place to start...
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Free Movement for People, not Weapons!

7 September 2017
All day
ExCeL east entrance, Royal Albert Way London