#StopDSEI 2019

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Monday 2 September 2019 - Friday 13 September 2019
All day

ExCeL Centre (East & West Entrances)
Eastern Entrance & Western Entrance, ExCeL Exhibition Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway,
E16 1XL

Find out more about how you can help Stop DSEI 2019, with our Week of Action, vigils and Art the Arms Fair!

Every two years, the global arms trade comes to London. DSEI, one of the world’s largest arms fairs, returns in September 2019.

This is where those who profit from war, repression and injustice do business. This is where we can stop them. #StopDSEI

More than 1,000 arms companies plan to set up shop, marketing their ware to more than 30,000 attendees from around the world.

As lorries and trucks transporting armoured vehicles, missiles, sniper rifles, tear gas and bullets attempted to get on site, people from around the world were there to put their bodies in the way.

Find out more about how you can help Stop DSEI 2019, with our Week of Action, vigils and Art the Arms Fair!

Last time saw dabke-dancing, aerobics, an academic conference, a gig on a flatbed truck, abseilers dangling from a bridge, theatre, military veterans undertaking unofficial vehicle checks for banned weapons, Kurdish dancers, rebel clowns, religious gatherings, hip-hop artists, radical picnics, a critical mass of cyclists, Daleks, political choirs, and lots of people in arm-locks all blocked the entrances to the DSEI arms fair repeatedly over the course of a whole week.

Thousands more amplified the protests by signing petitions, lobbying decision-makers, speaking out online and in their own communities, and helping in diverse ways to make the protests possible.

Will you help make 2019 even bigger?

Join migrant solidarity groups, anti-nuclear crews, LGBTQIA+ folk, Palestine solidarity activists, academics. Join anti-frackers, women, green groups, anti-racism organisers,  those moved by their faith. People from the local community
will join those from all over the world.

Find out what is happening here!

Together we will take action. Together we will #StopDSEI

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