O Mg. The Science Museum is hosting arms dealers.

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Monday 14 July 2014
18:15 - 19:30

Science Museum
Exhibition Road

CATBe there to show them some better science.

Science-related fancy dress encouraged but optional!

The Science Museum will be hosting arms dealers on 14 July as they celebrate the opening night of the Farnborough International arms fair. Museums shouldn’t help whitewash the deadly and destructive arms business. Be there to show them some better science!

Think science puns, scientists, science experiments and bring your creativity and energy as we hold our museum to account. With so much in the world of science to celebrate, why allow arms dealers to buy legitimacy in our public institutions? We started with the periodic table to come up with a few science-themed placards already… think science and share yours below or bring them along!

  • NO2 arms dealers in the Museum
  • Supporting the arms trade is Si Li
  • Arms dealers in the Museum: Not [O] [K]
  • We’re protesting until all the arms dealers Argon

Four good reasons the Farnborough arms fair needs to be challenged:

  1. Despite Israel’s recent aggression in Gaza, Israeli arms companies will be there, touting their “battle-tested weapons”
  2. Fuelling conflict in Syria: Rosoboronexport, the main weapons suppliers to President Assad will be there too.
  3. Ukrainian and Russian arms companies will be touting weapons side by side
  4. BAE Systems whose armoured vehicles were used to support the repression of democracy protests in Bahrain will be prominent.

When the National Gallery hosted arms dealers, our creative campaigning put an end to it. Let’s do the same at the Science Museum.

Help spread the word!