No to war profiteers: Target Boeing

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Tuesday 1 August 2017
17:00 - 19:00

25 Victoria Street

Boeing are likely to be one of the many companies exhibiting at DSEI, a huge arms fair taking place in East London later this year. The weapons sold there fuel the death, destruction and injustice perpetrated by militaries, police forces and at borders around the world.

On 1st August at 5pm London CAAT will be outside Boeing’s London office to raise awareness of their massive arms sales. Help us to say NO to the arms trade and the conflicts it fuels. War starts here, let’s stop it here. Please join and share the facebook event!

Who are Boeing? 

Boeing is better known as a civil aviation company but they also produce fighter jets, electronic and defence systems, rotorcraft, surveillance suites, advanced weapons and missile defence. They are the world’s second largest arms company with nearly $28bn of arms sales in 2015. Over the years, they have supplied weapons to Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It has provided Israel with F-15 combat aircraft, Apache attack helicopters, and thousands of guided bombs. In May this year, Saudi Arabia agreed to buy Chinook helicopters, associated support services and guided weapons systems, and intends to purchase P-8 surveillance aircraft from Boeing. Boeing is the original equipment manufacturer of the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile system, the United States’ land-based nuclear deterrent.