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Wednesday 7 May 2014
08:15 - 15:00

FIVE Events
Show Centre, Etps Rd
GU14 6FD

What would you say to the directors of the world’s third largest arms company?

Maybe you’d share your anger at its vast profits from Trident nuclear weapons and overpriced aircraft carriers at a time when public services face drastic cuts.

Perhaps you’d point out that its latest multi-billion pound deal to sell fighter jets to Saudi Arabia only strengthens one of the world’s most authoritarian regimes.

Perhaps you’d ask how pushing weapons to Bahrain where democracy protesters continue to be killed and injured could ever be acceptable.

Whatever you’d say, tell BAE in person on Wednesday 7th May at its Annual General Meeting.

BAE is so keen to avoid scrutiny that it has moved its Annual General Meeting from London to Farnborough . Last year, the Chairman was overheard to comment “That was much worse than usual” after CAAT took over the meeting with challenging questions and cheeky interventions. The chairman said it was “much worse than usual”. Join us to keep up the pressure.

Come on the coach to Farnborough!

We really hope you can come on the day to hold BAE to account and to make sure that wherever the arms trade operates, there is resistance.

We’re booking a coach going from Central London to Farnborough at 8.15am, returning by 3pm. The coach will be free (though donations are welcome). If you need to make your own way (the AGM takes place from 11am-1pm) or to stay in London the night before, we may be able to help with a small grant towards costs so please get in touch.

To book your place, please:

  • Contact us so we can arrange a proxy share in your name. You will need a share in order to attend the meeting.
  • Let us know how you will be getting there, so we can book a place for you on the bus or arrange a travel grant.

Email info(at)stopthearmsfair*org*uk to book your place.