Down the Drones

August 9, 2011

This year, the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) will showcase a large exhibition of Unmanned Systems, or  ‘drones’ – the robotic military planes that are used in targeted killings and are killing civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen.  The indiscriminate nature of drone attacks is breeding anger and resentment amongst ordinary people in those countries. Perhaps most crucially, the fact that drones enable bombing raids to happen without danger to the pilots’ lives, is driving a new, robotic arms race founded on the misguided belief that a new super-weapon will resolve conflict in human relationships.

Fellowship of Reconciliation, England (FoRE) and the SPEAK Network are joining together to take action against this destructive development.  We will be coordinating a creative media stunt on September 13th, the first day of the arms fair, as part of the wider Stop The Arms Fair Coalition action.

Please join us – we have a number of roles to fill, whether you are a ‘social media’, ‘theatrical’ or ‘just keen’ type. Please get in touch with amyhailwood(at)for*org*uk or lizzie(at)speak*org*uk.

For more detailed briefings and information about the Drone Wars campaign, please go to

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  • On Friday 11th September 2009, the last day of the 2009 DSEI arms fair, East London Against Arms Fairs held a memorial walk and floated a wreath on the Royal Victoria Dock for victims of the Arms Trade. We noticed a crowd of arms dealers on the other side looking up at something moving along the roof and adjacent structures. It looked like a large insect or a small helicopter. We realised we were looking at a killer drone. It went up and down as if outlining the structures on the skyline, presumably to demonstrate its flexibility and precision. Delegates from all over the world, some of who were present or former enemies, were being invited to buy a means of aiming bombs whilst sitting at a computer in another country or even another continent.

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