The Stop the Arms Fair network is not currently able to accept general donations, but some groups within the network would be extremely grateful for your support:

Support activists from all over the world to shut down DSEI

War Resisters International are raising funds to help pay travel costs for activists from Nepal, Venezuela, South Sudan, Turkey, and South Korea to come to DSEI. They will be able to share their stories at public events and at the protests, and make it clear that our resistance is as international as the arms trade.


Art the Arms Fair

Art the Arms Fair will be a mass, en plein air, art event, on 9th September 2017, at 10:00am, artists will come armed with canvases, clay, and their creativity to the site of the fair to Art the Arms Fair.

All work produced will be taken to a London Space to be shown alongside other donated art works for an exhibition coinciding with the DSEI Arms Fair 12th-15th September 2017. Work will be sold to support the work of Campaign Against Arms Trade.


Campaign Against Arms Trade

CAAT helps the Stop the Arms Fair network by providing things like meeting space, research and admin. Donate to CAAT to support its ongoing work challenging arms fairs, exposing government links with the arms industry, and standing up for human rights around the world.

Donate to CAAT