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Two activists hold a 'Stop the Arms Fair' banner in front of a dark green armoured vehicle

War, repression and injustice start here: Let’s stop them here

27 March 2017
When London plays host to one of the world’s largest arms fairs, war, repression and injustice start here. That’s why a huge and diverse movement is building to shut the arms fair down on 4th – 11th September before it even gets started. For four days in September 2017, the international weapons industry plans to...
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One Year to Stop the Arms Fair

23 August 2016
As part of an international month of action against arms fairs, CAAT is launching “One Year to #StopDSEI”.
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Stop the Cardiff Arms Fair

9 February 2016
On 16 March, a big UK arms fair is being held in Cardiff, and people are planning to resist it. According to its website, DPRTE (the Defence Procurement, Research, Technology and Exportability exhibition) is the “UK’s Premier Defense Procurement Event” and is now being hosted annually at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena. They hosted the arms fair...
Police in heavily armoured riot gear with guns and shields

Resisting police militarisation and state repression

17 December 2015
What is is: In March 2016 the Home Office, along with the arms industry trade body ADS, are organising “Security and Policing 2016”. They are offering a “discreet environment” for 400 companies who supply police, prisons and the Ministry of Defence to exhibit “the latest developments in the UK security market”. The government’s arms sales...
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Support people arrested during DSEI protests

5 October 2015
People arrested during the protests against the DSEI arms fair are appearing in court this month. Please support the DSEI defendants solidarity fund to help cover costs of the campaign. For each court date, people will be gathering outside Thames Magistrates Court on Bow Road in solidarity with the activists. Join and share the Facebook...
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Stop the Arms Fair week of action: 7 – 12 September

4 August 2015
The DSEI arms fair is where arms companies showcase their weapons and make deadly deals with buyers from across the world, including those from countries with serious human rights problems. The arms fair, due to take place on 15-18 September, involves more than 1000 companies and 30,000 attendees. We have to stop these companies profiting...

It starts here. Let’s stop it.

2 June 2015
In September, the world’s weapons industry plans to arrive in London for a huge arms fair: Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI). The results of DSEI are felt around the world as people are killed, economies are devastated, refugees are traumatised and peaceful protest is crushed. War starts here: Despite Israel’s brutal attacks on Gaza...
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Don’t supply DSEI!

28 May 2015
The DSEI arms fair fuels conflict and repression around the world. 1500 arms companies push sales of drones, tanks, missiles and all kinds of killing equipment. But it couldn’t happen without its civilian suppliers. By naming and shaming them, we can begin to make the arms fair unworkable. We’re documenting the civilian suppliers to the...