Bubbles not Bombs – action on Tuesday

September 12, 2011

Tuesday, September 13 · 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Millennium Bridge, London (Tate Modern side)

On 13th September London is hosting the worlds largest Arms Fair, sponsored by the UK government, where bad people the world over can come and buy the latest in guns, drones, warships etc.
We plan on being there too, with an exciting bit of ‘bubble mobbing’ action planned for the day.
We’ll be bubbling from the Millennium Bridge at 1pm, and then possibly move to the Excel Centre to bubble mob the arms dealers at 3.30pm.
If you would like to come and take part (the more, the bubblier 🙂 or even just show your support by buying one of our ‘Bubbles Not Bombs’ t-shirts, please do get in touch 🙂

Bubbles Not Bombs,
Dr Zigs and the gang

Bubbles not Bombs Facebook page

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  • col tim collins speech on the eve of the iraq war warned of chemical weapons and instructed his men to ‘show no pity, for they have stains on their souls’ in the months that followed hundreds of thousands the iraqi general populas were killed in that indisciminate onslaught. a decade on their country and lives are as dire as they ever were. what a terrible violent example our leaders continue to represent in these times. many people dont truely realise the civilian death toll wich the media have learned since vietnam to downplay and sanatise, not in my name 2 million of us protested in london subsequently just 1 in 9 killed in blairs war was a iraqi combatant. unfortunately war is still huge business and as primates we are largely hardwired toward this aggresion. there is very little valor in modern warfare our world needs real ‘heroes’ evolving toward peace in the fragile times for sure.

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