International arms fairs

Around the world groups are taking action against arms fairs.

And others? Email info(at)stopthearmsfair*org*uk.

A person stands in front of a piece of military equipment with 'blood' money in their mout and hands, and holding a sign saying #StopADEX

In challenging something as powerful and pervasive as the military-industrial complex, it can be hard to know where to start, to feel like you’re having an impact, and to visualise an end to it. But arms fairs like DSEI and ADEX bring us face to face with the arms trade and give us a tangible target on our doorstep.

The depravity of the arms industry is laid bare as dictators are courted and human-rights-abusing regimes are brought together with the companies supplying weapons. Shutting down these arms fairs will bring us one step closer towards putting an end to the arms trade.

The arms trade is global. So is our resistance.

Activists holding banners sit in front of a line of police
Taking action against the Wellington arms fair.