Support people arrested during DSEI protests

October 5, 2015

People arrested during the protests against the DSEI arms fair are appearing in court this month.

For each court date, people will be gathering outside Thames Magistrates Court on Bow Road in solidarity with the activists.

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  • 7th October, 10.30am (1 person)
  • 9th October, 9.30am (5 people)
  • 12th October, 9.30am (5 people)
  • 13th October, 9.30am (1 person)

If you know someone who was arrested during the arms fair protests, email Green and Black Cross gbclegal[@] The Green and Black Cross website has a lot of useful information on knowing your rights; what to do if you get arrested, and how to support someone who has been arrested.

Round up: an amazing week of action to challenge the arms fair!

September 17, 2015

A crowd of protesters block vehicle from entering DSEI

Last week saw daily blockades and creative protest by a wide range of groups to try and stop one of the world’s biggest arms fairs from taking place.

Read reports on actions taken so far below:

The DSEI arms fair runs from 15-18 September. It’s not too late to organise an action and more are being announced daily, please check our events page for more information.

Arms fair blocked! Report on Saturday’s big day of action

September 12, 2015

In the foreground a DLR Service Information sign says time to stop the arms fair; in the background the ExCeL centreFollowing five days of disruption to the set up of DSEI, Saturday 12th September brought together the different themes from throughout the week, and a huge range of groups and individuals, to stand united against the arms fair. It was a packed day of workshops, speeches, performance, and effective action. There was far too much activity to fully report on here, but the below hopefully gives a flavour of the day.

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Day 5: Freedom of movement for people NOT weapons

September 11, 2015

On Friday, our day of action brought together numerous groups to show solidarity with refugees and to explore the links between the arms trade, migration and institutional racism.  In the wake of the current crisis in Calais, we wanted to show its unacceptable that instead of welcoming refugees, our government is welcoming arms dealers – the very people who are fueling and profiting from the crisis.


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Migration and institutional racism: statement by Black Dissidents

September 11, 2015

Speech read by a member of Black Dissidents during the ‘Free Movement for People, Not Weapons’ day of action

Responsibility of the trade of arms falls on the entire G8, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the United States. It is no surprise that these countries facilitate the movement of people freely, the movement of arms freely, as well as having little regard for climate change.

Speech by Black Dissidents

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Day 4: ‘Conference at the gates’ …and more great action to challenge the setup of the arms fair!

September 11, 2015

Thursday’s day of action focused on the theme of “welfare not warfare” with some excellent speakers and some pretty unique creative action!

first panelAt the centre of the day, ‘Conference at the gates’ brought together a range of academics, students and activists to present their research in the shadow of the world’s largest arms fair. Blurring the lines between protest and academia, speakers discussed a range of themes related to the arms trade and militarism.

The day started with a panel discussion around themes including militarism and the body; understandings of pacifism post-9/11; and the ideology driving the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

And then this happened…

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Day 3: Wind not Weapons: great actions inside and out!

September 9, 2015

Activists hold a 'Stop the Arms Fair' banner in front of an armoured vehicleWednesday was another great day of action at the ExCeL Centre! Deliveries were stopped in the road by a line of wind turbines; Fuel Poverty Action and Global Justice Now ran an engaging workshop on energy democracy, and the members of the Woodcraft Folk blockaded the road. And this was before a cheeky group of activists made it inside the ExCeL Centre and found some rather interesting military equipment…

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DSEI: Continuing a tradition of militarism and war in the East End

September 6, 2015

David Rosenberg is a writer, educator and tour guide.He runs the East End Walks which explore London radical social history.  He is the author of ‘Battle for the East End‘ (Five Leaves Publications, 2011) and ‘Rebel Footprints: a guide to uncovering London’s radical history’ (Pluto, 2015).

Three children sit in front of rubble.
Children in East London made homeless by the Blitz. Photo from the National Archives.

The start of the week of action against the DSEI arms fair coincides with a grim anniversary for relatives of people who were living and working in the area of the Royal Victoria Docks 75 years ago. But the history of militarism and resistance which is today embodied in the DSEI arms fair goes back to World War One. As thousands of people plan to take action in the next two weeks to stop the arms fair, it is worth remembering how the area that hosts one of the world’s biggest arms fairs has been impacted by war.

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